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How and where to earn Free bitcoins?

By 05/01/2023May 7th, 2024Frequently asked questions
How find free Bitcoin

Earning free Bitcoin is very easy

Who doesn’t want to earn Bitcoin quickly in the cryptocurrency hype? Of course the easiest way is to invest money, but there are plenty alternative methods where you can earn Bitcoins for free just by clicking on some ads and playing games.

What do you need?

Make sure you have created a Bitcoin wallet or other crypto wallet to store your coins. A good wallet for this is

Ways to earn free bitcoin and other crypto

Crypto Faucets

Use crypto faucets to earn small amounts of bitcoin by completing simple tasks, such as solving captchas or viewing advertisements. Check the list below where you can earn Bitcoins and various free Altcoins right away.

Tip: visit the sites several times a day to claim even more.

Free bitcoin

One of the oldest and most reliable Bitcoin Faucet sites around today – offering up rewards every hour from 1-5 satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoin). It also offers weekly lottery draws where players have a chance at winning bigger prizes as well as various bonus programs that reward loyalty points for regular use over time. The amount of Bitcoins you can claim each hour depends on the Bitcoin exchange rate at that time.


Another popular choice among crypto enthusiasts due its wide range of features including daily bonuses, surveys & tasks that pay out coins directly into user wallets once completed successfully along with simple games like dice & slots too! Finally they offer referral commissions ranging from 25%-100% depending on how much activity their referrals generate – making this site ideal if you want to earn extra money by referring friends or family members who may not even know what bitcoin is yet!

Airdrops and Giveaways

Participate in airdrops and giveaways by crypto companies and communities to receive free bitcoin.

Mining Pools:

Join a mining pool and contribute your computing power to help validate transactions on the bitcoin network and earn a share of the rewards.


Complete microtasks, such as surveys or watching videos, through websites that pay in bitcoin, such as Coinbucks.

Referral Programs

Join referral programs offered by bitcoin exchanges, wallets, and other services, and earn a commission for referring new users.